A Year Later

The past few days have marked my first anniversary here on the Island and what a year it has been. I remember pulling away from my parents place in Surrey last June. I said goodbye to the family and as I was walking out my nephew Anderson didn’t want me to leave which left me slightly emotional. I pressed on, got on the ferry and arrived at Pastor Scott’s house and settled into my temporary home. The next day, Canada Day, was my first chance to explore and meet some new friends who have become great friends and co-workers over the year. Today, July 2nd is also significant because it marks the day that I first met Deanna and well you know that that turned out amazingly well =)

1stbirthdayOver all it has been an excellent year. The transition has been smooth and quick and it now feels like home. I am so blessed to be growing in a great church. The themes of family, sonship, and living authentic faith help me see the ways God is using this time to further my development. I am now officially a Pastor which is a humbling experience. After the first big move I have changed addresses 3 more times from Courtenay to Comox to Royston to Courtanay again. Deanna entered my life a year ago. We’ve grown in love, learned to deal with long distance and have started to dream of what life together could be. After a little rambling I guess I would sum it all up with a sense of expectation of what is yet to come. I love life and living the adventure that God has before me. I would never have imagined myself here even 2 years ago so I couldn’t hope to envision what lays ahead in the next 2, 5 or 10.

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