Regrets and Rhinos

Today I got to go to Squim Washington to check out a Foursquare camp in development there with Pastor Scott, Corey and Jason. We had a great day traveling to Victoria then on the ferry to Port Angeles for a few hours before heading back home. A quick sidenote: We stopped at a game farm and got to feed loaves of bread to bears, deer, bison and even a rhino (I may have eaten a slice or two as well). I managed to land a slice of bread on the smaller of the rhino’s two horns which he was unable to get off =D. Another quick sidenote: It’s pretty depressing to see fat lazy bears wave and pose to beg for slices of bread. It’s a lot unnatural. Now I’m not PETA fanatic but it is a little unsettling to see these powerful amazing creatures caged and so far removed from any semblance of their natural habitat.dublin-zoo-resting-rhino

Back to the reason for this post. On the ferry I over heard a family speaking Swedish which if you know me at all makes me pretty excited. I started to rehearse phrases and greetings in my head and think of ways to introduce myself. Now this leads to the regret. I got really nervous… as in hands shaking, heart racing nervous, when I had a few openings to say hello. I allowed my fear of sounding weird and having an awkward moment override my desire to just say hello. Now not to make this bigger than it is, it got me reflecting about the areas in my life where I hold back and miss opportunities that I regret later. Whether it’s evangelism or speaking up to say hello to my fellow countrymen I need to allow the power of the Holy Spirit to slay that fear with boldness and step out far more often. I don’t know if you relate but I’m challenged again to step out and remove the chance for regret to become a common experience.

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