Hard to Watch

After Deanna and I got back from a hike Ryan was home watching ‘John and Kate Plus 8’ on TLC. Because of the amount of promotion on TLC through the weekend I knew that tonight was a special episode with a big announcement. Now if you haven’t seen the show you would have recently seen John and Kate on the covers of all the tabloids and gossip magazines in the check out line at the grocery store. They have been the fodder for countless headlines recently which I tried to ignore. Not to re count all of the details but tonight’s episode was one of the most difficult things I have ever watched on TV. It is heartbreaking to see a family and marriage fall apart on TV.

Now the reason for this post is not to suggest solutions or place blame (which is totally uncalled for from the thousands of viewers who are blasting this couple on line) but to challenge myself and any of you to pray. John and Kate are Christians and the enemy is having a hay day watching their marriage implode on national TV. Let’s stand for this couple, and their children, and believe for the restoration of their marriage. I am even now reminded that situations like this that the enemy might use for evil can be turned to good through prayer and the power of our amazing God.


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