School's Out GamesWhat an awesome night. Deanna and I headed up to Gold River at 3pm and had a stellar drive as usual. The highway to Gold River has to be one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the nation. We went up for our quarterly kids night with the Northgate family in GR and it was a blast. We called it ‘School’s Out!’ and played a series of games the took things that you aren’t normally allowed to do in school and turned it into a boys vs. girls competition. We threw paper airplanes, spat spit balls and measures the kids reaching 121 decibels while screaming which to put into perspective is about the volume of a jack hammer, thunder or live rock music at close range and sit just at the level where any extended exposure will cause pain leading to damage… I love kids ministry =)

Now back to the 1/3 title. We had 52 kids out tonight which is twice as many as previous nights and accounts for 1/3 of all of the elementary aged children in Gold River! (There is about 150 in the elementary school) Now think about the impact that Northgate is having in tat community. It’s absolutely incredible to think that such a high percentage of the community is reached in one night. And what did they see and hear… The message of Jesus’ love, an expression of His love communicated through His people and a picture of a God that gives life and loves fun. One of the moms not connected with the church commented on the love that was apparent as we met, played and enjoyed being together. More that that I am blown away by our Gold River family that is tenaciously contending to see 100% of Gold River saved. They believe it, expect it, are praying it into reality and are putting feet to their intentions. Yeah GR family, yeah God now we get to watch as 33% increases to 100%.

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