Got to Love IKEA!

As you may know I love IKEA, half from a design perspective and half from a cultural perspective (I love Sweden too if you haven’t noticed). Yesterday while checking out one of my favorite Swedish news sites I noticed an article about a unique way IKEA is celebrating President Obama’s Inauguration next Tuesday. They set up a mock up of the Oval office, decked out in IKEA furnishings, at Union Station in Washington DC. They are offering to decorate and furnish any room in the White House for free if the Obama’s would like. You can take a shot at decorating the Oval office too at IKEA’s Embrace Change website. In economic tough times like this I think Obama would show commitment to change and affordable living (as well as an eye for good taste) by chosing to let IKEA work it’s magic. They can come redo my office anytime.



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1 Response to Got to Love IKEA!

  1. tcurtis1 says:

    Wooo hoooo for Ikea! I owe my love for Ikea all to you Matt! Actually I should post some pictures of my office. It’s basically IKEA land. We are also renovating the youth lounge in a month and it again will be all IKEA. It’s worth it though! I wish you were here to give some stylistic input! 🙂 Have a great weekend! Miss you!

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