The End of and Era

Deanna and I enjoyed and excellent movie last night called Rails & Ties. It was definitely one of those random picks that could have gone either way but it was definitely a great choice. It follows the story of a husband (Kevin Bacon) and wife (Marcia Gay Harden) dealing with her late stages of cancer. Without giving to much away they take an orphaned boy into their home and the tag line says the rest “When life comes apart, love puts it back together”. Okay it sounds a little cheesy but it deals with some very difficult themes like death, love, family, and a theme that has been coming up recently in my life, sonship. So the era that ended during this film is that for the first time ever I shed a few tears during a movie. If anything I think it proves that this movie presents some very real characters that draw you into an amazing story.


**So this is the first 14A film that I have posted about. In the states it was gioven this rating for mature thematic elements, an accident scene, brief nudity and momentary strong language. The nudity os not sexual but shows Harden’s character dealing with her breast cancer. So I’m by no means recommending this for everyone but it is worth the watch.

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