It Got Up So Early for Nothing

We’ll it looks like the Swedes don’t love Jesus as much this year… well I’m sure they still love him but Julotta was canceled (What’s Julotta? See this). We left the house at 6:50am to pick Deanna up at the Krasue House but when we were leaving we got stuck in the snow and ice (knee high in some places) and it took us over 20 minutes to get out of the cul-de-sac. But with some perseverance, a little blood shed and some shoveling we got out and rushed off to Burnaby. A little late we pulled up to the church but unlike previous years the candles in the windows were not lit and there we no Volvo’s in sight- I’m serious there are normally too many Volvos to count. I guess the Swedes have become soft since moving to Canada, a little snow shouldn’t stand in the way. Anyway we drove back to Surrey, drove by a church we thought might have a Christmas service, no Jesus lovers there either, and now were at my parents house with 3 hours to spare before dinner.

Merry Christmas!!!


Here’s a picture of some Swedes going to church way to early on Christmas morning… what a wonderful tradition.


Here’s the real capability of all those Volvos that didn’t make it to Julotta today.

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