A Great Weekend

This weekend Deanna and I made a quick trip to the mainland to meet the folks, family and friends. Oh, if you follow my blog I haven’t blogged in a while which means I haven’t mentioned/ announced to the blogosphere that Deanna and I are dating! The quick run down: Deanna and I met this summer working at the church (she was an intern), things began to develop, she went off to Bible school in Portland, she came back for Christmas and now she’s my girlfriend. All in all she’s amazing.
Back to this weekend. We rushed off after church through the winter conditions to the mainland. Honestly I am pretty impressed with Moses (my car), he handled the snow well and lived up to his name of Moses the Mexican Mountain Goat Mazda. Sunday we enjoyed some real Indian food in Surrey with great friends who I haven’t seen in months. Then off to meet my parents and my second family. Monday we were off to an early start for breakfast with my sister Vanessa and brother in law Duncan. Later we hung out and played with Sarah and my niece and nephew. I miss those kids. The rest of the day was filled with lunch with Andrew, a stop by the daycare I used to work at, an errand for Adam and Janice, a few hugs and hello’s with Chris, shopping at H&M and then the ferry at 7. As you could imagine it was a busy two days but well worth it catching up with friends and spending some great time with Deanna.


Weekend Numbers:
3/4 of a tank of gas
24 friends and family visited
9 Lower Mainland cites driven through
4 meals out
1 beautiful girl
1 happy guy

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