Settling In and Setting Up

After four days in the house it is starting to feel like home. Everything is unpacked and pretty much set up and we’re doing an awesome job of keeping things tidy. We are not going to live by the stereotypes of what may be expected from three guys our age living together… we’re raising the bar (in more than just house work too).

Tonight was the first time we went grocery shopping together. After gathering food for the next few days and for our party tomorrow night we headed for the check out and Superstore went totally dark. The generators slowly came on and then as the cashier was re-ringing in the people in front of us, the power went out again. Needless to say our shopping trip was extended… pretty weird standing in total darkness in a grocery store. A quick side note: the cashier was incredible under the circumstances, he stayed positive and together the whole time.

Today was also the day the Christmas tree got set up. I mentor a boy named Ethan, so the two of us went to a U-Cut and chopped down a tree. Great choice Ethan! Then we headed back to our place to set it up and ate dinner with Randy. Here are a few pics of our tree. It’s pretty simple but I like it a lot (and it smells great!). Up next: Exterior lights and maybe some stuff on the mantle.


Ethan w/ the tree half finished.


Ryan w/ the finished tree.

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3 Responses to Settling In and Setting Up

  1. Breanne says:

    we lost power in dairy queen too! at first just for a few mins and then it came back on, and then we lost it permenatly and had to close, and then continued to clean in the dark lol!

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