I Can’t Believe I Live Here

As I go about the routines of my day in our house I am so blown away at where I get to live. As I’ve mentioned before this is the first time I’ve lived in a house so that is pretty sweet, but it’s a great house that is exactly what we were looking for… a ‘God is Good’ is more than called for. Oh and I love eating breakfast while looking out on to the water.

We don’t have Internet yet so there was a delay in posting pictures but here they are now. There isn’t a picture of everything… you’ll have to visit to get the full picture.


Here’s our ‘eclectic’ Kitchen. Loving the open cupboards.



Our cool bathroom (1 of 2). Sorry it’s sideways… consider it a neck strengthening exercise.


The Living Room. It has wood ceilings oh and if I haven’t mentioned ocean views out that window =)

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5 Responses to I Can’t Believe I Live Here

  1. Sarah says:

    WOW!! The house looks really great. The kitchen reminds me of ‘Friends’, is the fireplace wood burning? Your stuff looks good all put into place can’t wait to come and visit. ENJOY

  2. Holy moly that place is beautiful! Congrats on the house. Ocean views are a definite bonus. Yay God!

  3. April Hutchinson says:

    Your house looks amazing!!! You guys deserve it, sit back and enjoy.

  4. janice says:

    The house looks wonderful!…..now for some Christmas decorations!

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