No Voice

When I woke up on Saturday I had a funny feeling in my throat but I was relieved when I was able to talk because I was about to present a workshop at our youth and young adult conference that we had this past weekend. But after lunch when I was leading a small group of senior high guys (who were totally awesome by the way) my voice was fading fast. I was trying to interact and encourage the discussion but I could barely talk… the good thing was that the guys did all the talking and the praying which was the best possible scenario. It was so great to see how the things that God was talking to them about continued to come up again and again during the rest of the weekend. I quickly realised that I would need to find someone to teach for me in the morning at Ignite and Ryan stepped up and did a great job.

If you know me at all I like to talk and because much of my job is talking I hate not having a voice. Especially during worship because I really like to sing and mouthing the words is just not the same. Anyway I hope that it get better soon. I’m leading a kids worship team practice tonight so this should be interesting =)

A few other updates:

-The House search continues but we are feeling pretty good about the place in Royston (by the ocean). I’ll fill you in on the details when we hear more later today or in the morning.

-Consumed was incredible this weekend. Jason and Kelsey did an outstanding job leading it this year. It was a huge success and God certainly accomplished much this weekend.

-Way to God Pastor Craig and Shanda! Although he didn’t make it onto council this time it was an honour to be a part of the team as you continue to pursue your dreams.

-The new James Bond was incredible. I think it is a pretty good piece on the issues surrounding forgiveness and the consequences of un forgiveness. Oh yeah the chase scenes, fight scenes, action sequences and gadgets were phenomenal too.

-Tonight is our amazing race party. We are going to enjoy food from Kazakhstan… should be interesting =)

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1 Response to No Voice

  1. Russel says:

    I hope you liekd the cake from kazakhstan 😛

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