A Quick Update

Ryan and I are chilling out, just about to watch a movie but I thought I would let you know how the house search is going. There is still no news about the St. Andrews place (the really nice one), so we are hopeful but not holding our breath. In the mean time we have been making calls and have gone to see a few other places and there are a few we are going to see soon. Nothing else has been 100% perfect but hopefully by early next week we will have a better idea of where we will be living. One place was too far, another too small, and another a good possibility (that one is like 30 seconds to the ocean in Royston). If anything this has been a great chance to trust (and learn to trust) and know that God will make sure we have a good roof over our heads come December 1st.

2204874394_a5061ee33fThis is a nice pic of a ship wreck just down the beach from the house in Royston… it wasn’t taken today, it would have been much more gray.

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2 Responses to A Quick Update

  1. Russel says:

    that picture is of the boat directly infront of my house!!!

  2. Debbie says:

    Great Picture…. God bless, Debbie <

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