A Mystery Solved

This week as we enjoyed our weekly Amazing Race party at Adam and Janice’s house we enjoyed the cuisine of Cambodia. The tradition is to bring snacks and food from the country the teams last ended in (ie. Next week we eat Indian). Janice thought of it and it has worked out so well. My favorite so far is the Lamb sausage rolls we had when they stopped in New Zeland.

Back to this week. We decided Westernised Chinese food from QF would be a great substitute for real Cambodian food. I LOVE QF. But in attempt to have a cultural experience I did some research and found out that a fruit called durian was the king of fruits in Cambodia. I decided to go and buy one to finally find out what is on the inside of this fruit that raises my curiosity every time I see one. They are the big spiky fruit you may have seen at a grocery store and wondered if it is food or some kind of primitive weapon used for self defense. At the party we cut it open (we did it on the porch because Janice knew what was in store… I did too but I thought it would be fun anyway) and were immediately repulsed by the skunk meets smelly socks smell that overpowered us. With the mindset that we should try everything once and sheer curiosity (ok maybe some macho pride too) Adam, Ryan and myself tossed some back and quite the scene ensued. Adam and Ryan swallowed -only to regret each bite as they burped up the taste again and again- and I spat it out along with a lot of spit into the bowl with the rest of the fruit. The lesson: It’s nice to look at in Superstore but never eat a durian. If they ban it from subways in Singapore you know something is wrong.


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