Fall Carnival: A Huge Success!

Last night we had our annual Fall Carnival at Northgate and it was amazing. Tons of families enjoyed a fun night while staying dry and safe and kids walked away with ridiculous amounts of candy (much of it given out by our very own candy ninja). Between the 3 bouncers, thousands of pieces of candy, great food and fun contests the night was full and their were smiles all over the place.

Obviously a night like this doesn’t just happen. Some incredible people gave so much time and effort to make the night flow really well. Celina and Bernice blew me away with their passion, creativity and dedication. THANK YOU. All of the rest of the volunteers, especially our youth volunteers, showed commitment and follow through that I am still telling everyone I see about. One example, among many others, is that it only took us one hour and 10 minutes to clean everything up, including setting up the sanctuary again!


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1 Response to Fall Carnival: A Huge Success!

  1. Breanne says:

    WOW! an hour and 10 mins? that IS impressive!! good job everyone 😀

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