Salmon vs. Babies

Just a quick thought that came to me yesterday that I thought I would share. After church a few of us went fishing on the Puntledge River because the salmon are heading back up the river to spawn (you may have an image of me becoming an outdoors man- I am considering buying a rod- but I was still wearing dress shoes and a tie). Along the shore was a bunch of salmon eggs that we started to poke at but thought it best to thrown them back in because we might get in trouble. So later on it came to me, we have piles of by-laws and restrictions in place to protect spawning beds and rivers so that these fish eggs can survive and hatch but we have none to protect human life. Not to say that we should stop protecting salmon but what does it say about our society that we put more value on animal life than the lives of the un-born. Just a thought.

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2 Responses to Salmon vs. Babies

  1. Breanne says:

    and a very good thought indeed! way to make your readers think there matthew! 😀

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