Couldn’t Help Myself

I was just sending an email and I have to blog to express the excitement and anticipation I feel. Each week I email the Ignite Small Group Shepherds the questions and activities that they will need on Sunday. As I was writing a few details I had to take the time to encourage and boast on the incredible team that has come together. In the past few weeks we have put an emphasis on Life Groups by meeting at the beginning and end of each service. In so many ways this has changed the dynamic of our mornings and it is so cool to see how the Holy Spirit has been at work increasing love among our kids and moving in times of prayer. And the key to the success as been the team of adults and youth who have stepped up to impact this generation. I stand back and smile with pride as the shepherds energetically and lovingly interact with our kids. The kids are engaged and participating in ways I have never seen before. Momentum is building and I am ecstatic about what God has in store for us. A spark is being ignited… I’m confident that a wild fire is about to begin.

Thank you team! You are making a difference!

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3 Responses to Couldn’t Help Myself

  1. carla says:

    Thank you Pastor Matt for all your hardwork, passion, and energy that totally energizes the people who serve along side of you. You truly are a blessing to our Northgate Family!!

  2. Breanne says:

    amen to carla’s comment! you are doing such an amazing job, you have a genuine love for the kids and that really shows through, and they know it! and you doing an awesome job with getting us leaders all prepared and knowing what to do, i love that we can prepare in advance and its just an honor to work alongside you! you rock!

  3. Tarina Heinrichs says:

    I have to agree with the ladies, Matt!! You have such a passion and enthusiasm and it’s contagious!! The kids can feel it (we all can). It’s so wonderful. Our Gold River kids were totally blessed by you once again. Thanks for blessing us with your energy and passion on Friday night!!

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