A Few Notes About the Election

Yeah Stephen Harper! I assume most of you have heard that the Conservatives won the election with a stronger minority government than before. Although there were no big surprises that I was hoping for (like a majority) it was still an interesting election night. In my riding John Duncan the Conservative won back his seat from the NDP candidate that he lost in 2006. The seat went back and forth for most of the night but Duncan pulled head and won by a decent margin. This hold my trend of always voting for a winner in a federal election. Cathrine Bell really didn’t stand a chance since I moved here =)

Other Election Night Winners/Losers According to Matt

  • Global National wins for having the best looking election night set in Canadian history. It was very cool and very CNN. Hopefully they won’t have to pull it out again in the next few years… maybe they could find another use for it.
  • CBC wins for having the most solid and trustworthy broadcast. They really know what they are doing.
  • CTV wins for have the most decrepit panel of broadcasters. Some of those guys are looking really, really old.
  • Justin Trudeau won his seat in Quebec. Maybe not in the next few years but possible future leader of Liberals?
  • Stephane Dion tanked. New leader for the Liberals… I think so.
  • Jack Layton loses his credibility. Application for Prime Minister clearly and totally denied.
  • Canada loses with the lowest voter turnout to date. We’ve got to do something about this next time around.
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1 Response to A Few Notes About the Election

  1. Chris says:

    So I was having a conversation with some school friends this morning and one of them “voted for the person who’s name sounds the coolest” … sure.. its democratic but is that democracy!?!?

    I’m sorry, I don’t think I could accept a high voter turn out if these thousands of people had no idea what the parties represented and where they stand on the issues!

    I’m SO GLAD it turned out to be a minority government!!!! And I think I’m in favor of minority governments (in Canada) in general… it keeps the ruling party in check and forces cooperation right???

    Anywhoo – just some thoughts!

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