An Update

So I haven’t been consistently blogging lately because I haven’t been that inspired to blog but here are a few updates that will make up a post =)

Me blogging on the couch

Me blogging on the couch

  • I had the privilege of speaking tonight at Thrive and it was a great time. Jason and Kelsey have done a great job developing an awesome ministry so it was so easy to slide in and be a part of what is going on. The challenge from tonight was to become people who lead our emotions rather than letting them lead us. I even talked about King Saul taking a dump (shocked a few people with that comment :D)
  • October is Pastor Appreciation month so I’ve been getting a lot of gifts which is really cool. I have only seen Pastor’s Appreciation month celebrated a few times but they really do it up at Northgate. I love my church! So far the most frequent gift has been chocolate… even a whole cake, and some great gift cards. Gotta love it.
  • I went and protested yesterday when Jack Layton came to town. With our local NDP candidate telling 200 high school students that marijuana should be legalized we figured it would be good to let Layton know that not all Canadians think that is a wise comment or a good idea. One of the other guys with us was hilarious when he purposely drove slowly in front of the media bus so that they would have to see us.
  • What’s with the media jumping on the Liberal bandwagon. I especially noticed today with CTV that on-line and on TV they are being biased towards Dion and against Harper. Even the amount and type of pictures they post on their website tell a story.
  • And lastly I took down the bunny ears and plugged in my cable today!!! Yeah except there in nothing good on tonight so I will celebrate tomorrow morning when I get to watch the Morning News on Global with Lynn, Steve and Mark as I enjoy my Corn Flakes.
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2 Responses to An Update

  1. Tarina Heinrichs says:

    hey matt. been missing your “perspective” on things. glad you’re back bloggin.
    i’m tickled that you get such a charge out of speaking. that’s great. It’s exactly the way God made you and you’re fulfilling your destiny.
    enjoy your day my friend.

  2. Sarah says:

    I love how you can roll off the global morning teams names as if you are best of friends đŸ˜‰ I’m kidding because I do the same thing-i sometimes forget that not everyone including tim knows or cares about them as much as I watch them.

    O and there are good shows tonight: ER (last season), Grey’s and there is always a re-run of Seinfeld on, ENJOY the cable you big spender.

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