My Team

The Amazing Race is back for another season and I’m stoked. Adam, Janice and Seth had Pastor Craig and Shanda and family and myself over to watch the first two episodes of the season. In keeping with tradition (started over years of enjoying the Race at the Krause House) I have picked my team for the rest of the race. I had made a tentative decision based on the online profiles but when I realised the guy on the team I picked is crazy I went with my second pick of Nick and Starr. The brother and sister team from New York and Dallas seem to have what it takes to see the race through to the end. If this first week was any indication this season looks like it might be one of the best yet. If your watching the show who are your picks?

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1 Response to My Team

  1. Sarah says:

    My team is the bro/sis team but after tonights show I’m not so sure because the guy is not nice. So, for no other reason other then they are cute are the nerds. I love how they said that when they get in front of the computer they will hack it. A odd point with the nerds was when one of them repeated a saying from star wars(I’m assuming anyways) it was weird. I do agree that this season could be interesting-some teams need to open their eyes, and read the instructions fully. Amazing race is a great show.

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