New Gear

Today was a great Saturday. I got to sleep in a bit, went rock climbing with Jason and Rich (had to replace a flat tire with a totally new one before we got to the lake), prepped my lesson for tomorrow, had dinner with Adam and Janice and played some Dutch Blitz. So I thought I would end the day with a quick post and a picture of me in my new gear. I picked it up on the mainland last weekend and I was pretty excited to use my own gear rather than borrowing it from someone else. I am really stoked about climbing and getting better at it… especially toughening up my soft office hands which get pretty sore after a few climbs. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Be in touch.

(So I see that this pic is sideways but it is to late to fix it right now ;D)

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1 Response to New Gear

  1. aimee says:

    nice, sooner or later you’ll have climber hands, but the perks is building up your back muscles!!!

    anyway, looks like you splurged a little and got a nicer harness, well done.

    climb on.

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