Plane, Trains and Automobiles!

So a quick flash back to an adventure I had last week. I was heading off to the Foursquare Young Adult retreat with Pastor Scott and Breanne last Friday and the plan was set that we would all get on the 12:45 ferry. I was planning on staying on the mainland a day later so I drove to Nanaimo too so that I could leave my car and walk on to the ferry and drive the rest of the way to Princeton with P. Scott and Breanne. Sounds like a great plan well it began to fall apart when P. Scott and Breanne almost missed the ferry and I did! I walked up to the ticket booth and they said they had stopped selling tickets and then they closed the doors in front of me. So I immediately begin to run through my options. After getting on the phone with BC Ferries I headed toward the other ferry terminal with the hopes of catching the 2:00 pm ferry there. But after talking with P. Scott and Harbour Air I went straight for Downtown Nanaimo with only 5 minutes to buy a ticket for a plane ride. I got there a few minutes late but they sold me a ticket. After running to get a parking stall I got on a small tin can of a sea plane and flew from the harbour in Nanaimo to Coal Harbour in downtown Vancouver. Sidenote: I miss downtown: The hustle, the noise, the architecture and the variety of people. Then my journey continued on the Skytrain from downtown to the other end of the line in Surrey. Another Sidenote: I even missed the Skytrain. So many people of all different colours… all good except for the smell of urine =) After arriving in Surrey I found out that P. Scott and Breanne had just made it to Tsawassen so I beat them by about 30-45 minutes. In the mean time I bought a laptop case at Best Buy and some good food at my favorite Indian restaurant: Taste of Punjab. The journey continued the rest of the way to  the retreat which was amazing and if you are a young adult you have to come next year. I love the adventures that God brings my way. It really made a rather frustrating morning much better.

Well, it’s time for bed. The goal is to get up a half hour earlier each day to make sure a get to work early 😀 Another great idea from Carla when her and her husband Dave came for dinner at my place tonight with Rich. Rich and I did the cooking and Carla and Dave brought flowers so have a rather nice bunch of roses on my dinning room table 😀

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