A Busy Few Days

So here is a catch up blog with some blog worthy events over the last few days. Rather than separate posts I will bold the titles so you can track with my thoughts…. here we go!

Mr. Delblanc

Friday was my first class at Comox Valley Christian School. I spent a lot of time preparing this week… even planning out the assignments for the whole year (Can you tell the teacher side of me is really excited?). I dressed up in teacher looking clothes and Jason and I headed out to Merville. The class was great, although a little quiet. I am so looking forward to what the year has in store. I gave an assignment on the first day for the kids to write about themselves so I can get to know them. Two things about that is great 1) I will get to meet some great men and woman who are and will be world changers 2) I get to mark something! Strange I know but I can’t wait. Now for next class I have to encourage more discussion and buy a new belt. According to Carla mine is ‘welly’ ha ha 😀

My First 5 K

This morning Northgate put on our first Step into Action 5K. As you may have guessed I never actually practiced this week as planned and never found the time to buy running shoes either. So with my old grubby Puma’s i ran the rather challenging course and hoped for the best. I ended up finishing 6th overall in around 19 and a half minutes! I was pretty stoked because I thought anything under 30 would have been great. Running was really fun even though I felt like puking as I sprinted to the end. The goal for next year… beat Pastor Scott. The challenge is out there… it’s time to train. Oh and pictures will follow when I get them from Adam.

A Fantastic Movie

Here’s my second movie review on this blog (here’s the first). Penelope was a random choice that we luckily made after spending way to much time at Rogers with to many people to actually agree on one movie. It is a modern romantic tale about a young aristocratic heiress born under a curse that can only be broken when she finds true love with “one who will love her faithfully”. (I found that quote online if you were wondering) Although not perfect it is a great heartwarming film that I would highly recommend if your looking for a light, happy movie with some romance thrown in and if you know me at all you know I’m up for a good romance every now and then. It’s another clean PG wonder and has some themes that are worth discussing.

Now that I am done this post I could think of a few more things to write about like rock climbing outside (I think I’m going to get some gear) or hanging out with Rich today but it’s time for bed and there is always tomorrow. To sum it all up God is awesome!

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1 Response to A Busy Few Days

  1. Carla says:

    Actually what I said was “the students will think your belt is welly” 🙂

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