Row Row Row Your Boat

Tonight I went for my second learn to row lesson. A few weeks ago I thought that I needed to get some exercise so I have decided to join the Comox Valley Rowing Club. One of the first things I found out is that it is a lot harder to row than I had first thought 😀  Trying to get into the rhythm while using the right form and then doing it in sync with the whole team is quite the challenge. I’m able to get one thing right and then realize that I have to improve something else and then go back and improve the thing I just figured out. Needles to say it is testing developing my patience and focus. A few times tonight I almost got frustrated and then I had to tell myself to suck it up and keep at it so I wouldn’t let down the rest of the crew. Here is another added benefit of rowing: learning to work as a team. Matching pace with those in front, trying to move together, listening to the leader and pushing through discomfort and frustration to keep the boat moving smoothly. Even as a leader I need this to develop on team work skills and now how to follow well when necessary. Even with all the challenges I love it. Being out on the water, meeting new people and getting some exercise… it’s perfect.

I’m not in the picture below but because people like pictures and to show what type of rowing I’m doing I thought I would post it.

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1 Response to Row Row Row Your Boat

  1. Scott says:

    Keep it up, you can do it! Sounds like some great leadership lessons from the ‘rowboat’, you could write a book 🙂

    Great job at intentionally connecting with people outside our walls.

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