2 Monthiversary

Here is a second post in one day to mark 2 months of me being a part of the blogoshere (That actually is a word… at least on Wikipedia) Many of you and even I doubted whether I could make it this long but I have and done so consistently with 34 posts, about 1 every 2 days! Thank you for stopping by and reading over this last while. A special thanks to everyone who has left a comment to let me know you’re out there. Here’s to many more months of blogging!

What’s with the picture you may ask? Well again people like pictures and this one popped up when I did a Google image search for ‘2 months’. This is Xander when he turned 2 months. Random I know but it sure is cute!

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1 Response to 2 Monthiversary

  1. Tarina Heinrichs says:

    Hey Matt!
    Happy monthiversary. You make me smile.
    Keep up the bloggin. They’re fun to read.(and i have to say, your bungee jump was CRAZY!!!) I’m always back to check out what my fellow(family members) northgaters are up too…

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