Two Months In

I have officially been an islander for two months now and I have just about hit my stride. I’m alive, eating well and yes my apartment continues to stay clean =) It has been a busy few months and the next few are full with exciting new challenges and opportunities. Looking back for a second this summer has gone really well. I hit the ground running in July and we planned and ran 4 amazing camps. Deanna and Becka were awesome interns, without whom things would not have gone off so smoothly. I am thankful for the great apartment that I have been in for a month now. I finally cleared the empty boxes and packaging for the balcony today =) it’s really starting to feel like home. It has been great getting to know new friends and family and having a few visit from the mainland too.

So what’s next? Well fall means that it is time to get our kids programs up and running full steam again. This week it’s all about building the team and getting ready for a few changes that will continue to improve what has already been a good program. Again and again I am reminded of why I do what I do: a conviction that the kids I get to minister to will truly be able to change the world for the Kingdom. This Friday I teach my first class at the Christian school… I think I’ll try for Mr. D rather than Mr. Delblanc. Some of the students that also go to Northgate thought that Mr. Pastor Matt would be a good option 😀 Time to get to work!

Even with a few moments of homesickness the other day I know that I am where I should be. So the feeling I have is of expectation of what God will teach me, how he will shape me and what he is going to do.

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  1. Chris says:

    Dude! So happy for you. After visiting and seeing what it’s all about it just seemed like every new day brought with it more and more confirmation that you made the right choice and that you’re where you’re supposed to be (i.e. Adam and Janice, Stotan Falls, people that can really challenge you at Dutch Blitz, etc)!

    I don’t think “envious” is the right word… but I certainly admire Northgate and how it exemplifies the biblical model of church – united, boldly proclaiming in both word and deed, and really welcoming to outsiders!

    I think a bit of what you told me about the Fall has rubbed off on me because one of the words that has stuck in my mind and that I’m noticing over and over again is RESTORATION and restoring the Kingdom…

    I have a feeling that the next time I see you in September we’ll both have stories to trade!

    Grace and Peace!

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