Step Into Action

This coming Saturday I’ll be running my first ever 5 K run. OK I know what your thinking- Matthew is not a runner… well that’s very true so it should be a very interesting day =) I probably should by a pair of running shoes and get a few runs in this week before I go the whole 5 K; any tips anyone? So why am I running? My church is putting on a 5 K run to raise $10 000 so that kids in Ghana and Haiti can go to school this fall. It is getting more and more expensive to send kids to school here to but in places like Ghana and Haiti kids may never get the chance to go to school or improve themselves. They will also get a chance to hear about the love of Jesus while they are at school. Now for the pitch =D If you would like to support this amazing cause you can send me or Northgate a donation and get a tax receipt in the process. Maybe you could give a specific amount per kilometer or how ever much you are able. It’s a great cause and I’m sure there will be some great photo’s too. Send me an email

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