I Love My Life

It’s only halfway through the day and I’ve already had one of the best Sunday’s ever. I have my good friend Chris over for the weekend and Nolan from Gold River stayed over last night too so he could head off with the youth to go to camp on the mainland. I was privileged this week with an opportunity to preach at church which went well; I love to preach so obviously the day started off great. I spoke from Philippians 2:1-11 about humility and a challenge to follow Jesus by living with an attitude of humility and honor. It was cool to hear about how God was challenging people with the message. It was also another great learning experience to preach the same message twice and being recorded for our other campuses too. I also loved church in particular this morning because I’m starting to really feel connected more and more. I even met the lady who is going to teach me to row starting tomorrow and talked with Darrel who also signed up to start rowing last week too. I love my church!

The other day I found out that a couple I house sat for in Langley last year for a month and a half moved to Courtenay in February and get this they come to my church! Adam and Janice and their really cute son Seth and I were connected by a mutual friend and I watched their cats and house while they were out of town. I met Janice once when she got back and only talked to Adam on the phone so it was neat when he came up to me in church today. Another side note was that Janice’s dad challenged me well over a year ago to consider moving to the island and I was like, who would want to live on the island (you know how that worked out šŸ™‚ ) They are a really great family and Chris and I went for lunch with them and had a cool time hearing about how God is working in all of our lives. We also found out that Chris and Adam have a ridiculous amount in common like a love of photography, the exact same camera, and the same motorcycles! So the take away at the end: God is awesome and his sovereign plans are great. It may be subtle but He works things together masterfully and connects the members of His family in such cool ways.

And a Bonus: Here’s a cool picture Chris put together yesterday at Stotan Falls

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