A Great Team

Toady was the first day of our Staff Retreat at Northgate and again I go away so thankful and excited for the team that I get to work with. Although a day like this is naturally filled with some administrative tasks like calendaring and reviewing other policies, my take away goes far beyond that. As a team we have a great time with each other, whether it’s laughing or sharing some good conversation it is always a joy to be together. I’ve been on the team for less than 2 months and I am so thankful for the welcome that has been extended to me. Pastor Scott and Naomi let me stay at their house for a month and have given me such a great opportunity to grow, learn and serve at Northgate. Jason and Kelsey have become great friends and are a blast to hang out with. Pastor Craig and Chanda are an amazing couple and great game board competitors. Carla has been so gracious with all of my questions, helps to keep me in line =) and is always ready to chat. Dale and Judy are a joy to work with. I look forward to getting to know Rich and Amy as they join the team and getting to know Corey and Janice better. I so admire the wisdom, example, and life of Pastor Ken and Eunice. So all in all the team is stacked with quality people and I am humbled to be numbered among them. The potential and capacity for what God could do is awesome.

Now it’s time for bed to get ready for the surprise that’s in store tomorrow. We’re heading out some where to do something fun together and if you know me at all you know that drives me nuts because I don’t really like suprises.

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1 Response to A Great Team

  1. Sarah says:

    I didn’t realize that you didn’t like surprises?? I totally don’t like surprises either because I hate not knowing whats going on, maybe I’m a bit controling 😦 Glad to hear that the 1st day of your retreat went well.

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