Around the Town

Today was the last day of day camps for this summer and it has been great. I have run day camps for the past number of years which helped because all of my planning for 4 camps happened in 3 weeks and then we were right into camps- God is faithful. But this year was a great learning experience in a few ways. I was able to get to know kids and parents here in the valley which has been great, the kids here are amazing. We tried a few new things for me this year like having 3 day mini camps, smaller groups, using a 15 passenger van for transportation rather than rented buses like I’m used to and running camps for smaller age ranges- Gr 1-3 and Gr 4-5. It was so fresh and new which made each camp more enjoyable for the kids and the staff. One thing I noticed again and again was the lack of stress wherever we were, even beach trips were relaxing which can often be stressful when water and large spaces are added to the mix. As always there is a lot of room for improvement next year, like reaching more unchurched kids and leaving more extra time in the schedule, but after hearing some great responses from parents and kids we are off to a great start and next year will be even better.

Here is a picture from our final camp. We went mini golfing, bowling, and took a farm tour, as well as a lot of swimming this week. One highlight was seeing the kids become more expressive and open over the three days. Whether it was the way they sang their favorite worship song again and again at the top of their lungs (we heard it at least 10 times today) or the way the rocked out during our regular dance breaks there was a huge change over just a short time. This silly picture was taken today just for fun.

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2 Responses to Around the Town

  1. Chris says:

    That’s awesome! I’m a fan of smaller groups too… although you could effectively double the size of your daycamps by letting kids actually ride on the roof like that! Just make some seatbelts and you’ve got yourself a double decker haha. 🙂

  2. Chrystal says:

    Great camp Matt! Isabel LOVED it! Thankyou!

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