Let’s Go Canada

So I don’t want to say this to soon but after 6 days of the Summer Olympics we are tied for 51st place. As I have mentioned before I love the Olympics and I have decided (upon the encouragement of my Olympian friend Ashley) to watch the games this year but it is getting a little discouraging to hear again and again how our Olympians haven’t been doing that well. Positively speaking they are managing to set new Canadian records and in one respect they are placing 4th, 16th, or 20th best in the world at what they do, which is impressive but, I’m all about medals and we don’t even have one yet. After looking at the medal count to this point there are a few excuses we cant use to explain this predicament.

  • We’re a Northern country and better at the winter Olympics. This is true but we are being beaten by Sweden, Finland, and Norway which are even more wintry than we are.
  • We are a small country and have a smaller talent pool. Well we are bigger (30 Mil) than Georgia (4.6 Mil), Netherlands (16.4 Mil), Norway (4.7 Mil), Cuba (11.3), Sweden (9.2 Mil) and they, among others, are doing better than us.
  • We don’t spend enough money. Well I imagine that we spend more than Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Azerbaijan but they are also currently doing better than us also.

In 2004 we ended up 21st with four of the above mentioned countries beating us (Sweden, Norway, Netherlands and Cuba) so we can do better and there is a lot of time left, so here’s to our team and bringing home some hardware. Go Canada!

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