Something is Happening in Charlotte

So there is a church, Elevation, that I have had my eye on for the last year and their Pastor just posted an amazing God event on his blog this week. A little background is that this church has only been around for just over a year and a few months ago they had over 4000 people at church between their multiple services at multiple campuses (They are still adding services so I assume that they are continuing to grow). The Pastor is in his 20’s, many of their services watch the sermon by video, and they are preach the Word and are relevant at the same time. So what is the big news? Over the last two weeks they baptized 1044 people! (Hints of Acts 2:41….) And if you can believe it they were bold enough to pray for 1000 people to be baptized in that time. Just a few thoughts:

  • Would I (or you) be so bold to ask for things so big? I wonder how much more God would do if we would just believe him for it? I feel that my prayers are often to safe and make it too easy for God to answer. Make me Bold
  • What are they doing in Charlotte? I know that God desires to do a unique thing in any given church but I will keep my eye on Elevation over the next while to glean some principles and simply some inspiration for what God could do in the Comox Valley (or Campbell River or Gold River or where ever you are).
  • The Kingdom is expanding it’s not just sheep moving from one pen to another.
  • The box is wonderfully forgotten at Elevation. I love that.
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