Island Adventure Daycamp

This week was jammed packed with our second Comox Valley Daycamp. We went intentionally small and had space for only 12 kids. I wasn’t sure about how this would work because normally I am of the persuasion that bigger is better but I was very wrong. I will still plan big kids events but smaller daycamps will always be on the schedule. We were able to fit in a 15 passenger bus which gave us flexibility in our events but most importantly it made an environment where the emphasis is all on relationship rather than crowd control. We actually could connect with every kid and get to know them, what and awesome place to minister. On top of that we had an amazing line up of events: hiking, swimming, disc golf on Mt. Washington, tubing thanks to Pastor Ken on Comox Lake, indoor rock climbing, and marshmallow gun wars. The kids had such a great time doing things that some had never done before. The kids were saying that they were having the funnest time of their lives. Oh and normally I avoid guns when it comes to kids (even water guns in water fights) but this year I stretched my self and we made these awesome mini marshmallow guns and then we ended the week by shooting each other in the parking lot, with lots of laughter and fun. All in all a phenomenal week, looking forward to next weeks around the town.

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