Don’t Fret

So today is the first time since Thursday that I have been on my computer but it has been a very eventful weekend. Here’s some highlights for now until I get the pictures from Ryan to post.

  • I moved all my stuff to Courtenay and moved into my first place
  • Went to the Phil Whickam/ Friday’s Cry/ Starfield concert
  • Ryan came to visit and him, Breanne, Deanna and myself hung out yesterday and most of today (Spent much of that time convincing Ryan to move here)
  • Enjoyed two flawless days of weather. Courtenay is the best place to live
  • Jumped off the Stotan falls again, Ryan did to but there is no picture proof
  • I realised how expensive moving and living on your own is. Crazy… but God will provide
  • I am enjoying free internet thanks to one of my neighbours who didn’t password protect theirs

Well get ready for some great pics. I’m off to bed. Prayer tomorrow morning and then a full day at work. Have a great week and Happy Birthday BC. Truly the best place on earth!

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One Response to Don’t Fret

  1. Breanne says:

    i offically retract my comment made about me not wanting anyone else to move here…if your all as cool as matthew and ryan you totally have my permission to move here! 😀

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