Oh Yeah!

So continuing my streak of passing everything ICBC throws at me on the first attempt I am now a licenced class 4 driver! My test today at 12:30 went really well. I did a perfect pre-trip and only lost a few demerits on the road test. God is Good! So now I can drive around a van/small bus loads of screaming kids all over the place… sweet. I get to really test out my skills tomorrow on a 2 hour drive to Gold River. On a side note pray for sun because the forecast is calling for lots of rain for our camp out. Have a great week everyone!

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3 Responses to Oh Yeah!

  1. Amanda Carnegie says:

    Hey Matthew Well I wasn’t sure if you knew or not but We have our nuw baby boy Xander William… he was born july 1st at 12:03 pm nad was 9lbs 4 oz he is getting very big and becoming more alert every day… you can se his pictures on dean or my facebook which I am sure you alredy have…

    Vanessa said you were comming home this sunday we unfortunatly will not be there as we are going away this weekend to trail but I am sure we will se you another time


    amanda and dean

  2. Chris says:

    Congratulations buddy! Now u gotta get your motorcycle license šŸ™‚

  3. Rich Emery says:

    NICE!! thats all i gotta say o ya and Congrats!

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