Why I Do What I Do

So yesterday morning at day camp we were singing a song with a chorus that goes: “We’re going change the world, we’re going to change the world, the army of God is on the march again, HEY, HEY”. There is nothing that fires me up more about kids ministry when then I think about the insane amounts of potential that kids have. Just imagine what God could do with these small, messy and noisy people. There are future men and woman who will carry the Gospel to the far reached of the earth, there are moms and dads who will raise new families, there are leaders who will impact churches, businesses and nations. The possibilities are endless. So I’m all about encouraging, training, teaching and blessing these kids so that anything that might hold them back will be eliminated and overcome so that they can become everything that God has for them… and it’s huge, world changing huge!

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