I Love the Olympics… Should I This Year?

So I was watching a TV show about the upcoming Olympics and was reminded of some discussions I had a few months ago about how I should respond to the games in communist China. At that point I was thinking about the possibility of not watching the games at all but now I’m not sure if that is the best idea. So what concerns me? Well other than China’s poor human rights record in general as a Christian I wonder about supporting a country that is considered to have the highest number of Christians in prison as a result of their faith. The Voice of the Martyrs is a great organisation that has information about the persecuted church, including the church in China. You can check them out here. For example at 40 years of age, Aiqing Zhu was arrested for “illegal evangelistic activities” on June 9, 1996.  She was sentenced to a twenty-year prison term. Maybe China should never have gotten the games in the beginning but now I don’t think not watching the games will have any impact. Maybe some other options would be writing to some of those persecuted Christians, supporting the work of groups in China or just talking about what is really going on. What do you think? How should we respond to this years Olympics? What do you think?

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2 Responses to I Love the Olympics… Should I This Year?

  1. Ash says:

    hmmmmmmmmmmm YOU darn well better watch!! Hahahah no all kidding aside, you are concerened about watching I am concerened about going!!!! And being told if you say anything against the chinese policies we are sending you on the next plane back to Canada….. HAHAHAH that’s GREAT!! here we go light in darkness! I think I am actually going to get a taste of what THAT REALLY MEANS PS. I am soooooooooo brining my Bible I don’t care what they say 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    (using “you” in a general sense.. not YOU.. Matthew.. lol).

    I think if you feel strongly enough about human rights you should be doing something about it… joining or supporting the work of Amnesty International or raising awareness with those around you about what China has done and continues to do.

    I’m encouraged and strengthened that you are blogging about this! I was just watching a clip similar to your blog-post on the news and thinking about not watching too.

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