Busy Week

Hey Everyone! So this week has been full with our first Summer Daycamp called Cactus Canyon. We have been having an awesome time, lots of kids, great leaders and tons of fun. I love running day camps but I always forget how much it takes out of you. But it is all worth it in the end. The next three weeks will continue the busy trend with three more camps. One camp out in Gold River next week and then two more full day camps in Courtenay.

In other news I am getting really excited about moving into my own place in 8 Days. Actually this time next week I will be back home in Surrey getting ready to load up my stuff to bring over here to complete the whole moving process. If anyone wants to help load I’ll be at my sisters place around 1:30pm. Well It’s time to get to bed, our last day is tomorrow!

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1 Response to Busy Week

  1. Sarah says:

    Hey your backdrop looks really good!! Did you get a hair cut?? I only ask because your hair looks really short in the pic.

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