Two Weeks In

So tonight as I was on my way home from hanging out at the river with friends and a bonfire I realised I am falling in love. Now before any rumors start I’m talking about Courtenay, a place not a person :D. In all honesty I thought that I would have a difficult time transitioning to Island life. I wasn’t sure if this city boy could make it living in a small town but is these last two weeks are any indication, which I believe they are, that won’t be a problem at all. My prayer before I got here was that I would transition well and that I would grow to like my new home; God has quickly answered my prayers. Even now I sense Him increasing my heart for this place and these people. In all honesty these people and this place are easy to love. I am thanking God that I am in this place, most of all because of a reassuring and confident sense that I am in his will, this is the right place. I am looking forward to building new and string relationships, all the while cherishing and developing the relationships with those who are now across the water (I love you guys). So as I go to sleep tonight I am filled with thankfulness and expectancy, knowing that as new doors of opportunity have opened God has great things in store. Tonight I can say that these past two weeks have been awesome because Courtenay is, the people are and above all God is awesome.


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1 Response to Two Weeks In

  1. Chris says:

    That’s soooo awesome MATT! I can’t wait to actually see and experience what you’re talking about!

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