Alex and Cherie Come to the Valley

Today Alex and Cherie came over from the mainland to hang out in the beautiful Comox Valley (hint, hint… move to the Valley 😀 ). Anyway we had a great time together kayaking, swimming, eating and seeing some other cool things around town. We even saw eagles from 10 feet away while kayaking, a sandal eating snake (ask Cherie), and some baby deer. Oh and here is picture proof that I jumped off a water fall (It is 100% unedited although I contemplated Photo-shopping in a tan). Well this post is short but it’s time for bed… we have prayer at 6 am Tuesday mornings. Have a great week all!

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3 Responses to Alex and Cherie Come to the Valley

  1. Sarah says:

    Looks like you all had fun! You have become a tour guy of the valley we need to get in on that soon. Love ya Sarah & gang

  2. Chris says:

    WOW! That all looks phenomenally amazing! 😀

  3. Rich Emery says:

    Dude! you will never catch me jumping off those falls. I would be WAY to scared

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