Valley Life

So I’ve decided that I will regularly post pictures of some of the great things in the Comox Valley as a subtle way to encourage everyone to move here. This first picture is taken at the Air Park, a small planes airport just off of one of the main streets in Courtenay. The lighting could have been better but it shows some of the amazing things that are just minutes away.

On the shore to the left is the road I take to my new place which is just behind the trees in the distance (just right of the break in the trees which is Comox Road). Yeah ocean views!

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3 Responses to Valley Life

  1. Chris says:

    Coal Harbour.. False Creek.. the Seawall..

  2. mdelblanc says:

    This is natural beauty 😛

  3. Breanne says:

    dude! we dont want everyone to move here! its fairly small and pretty perfect if you ask me! 😀

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