Lifting Limits

Just a quick thought about something that has come up a few times recently in my life. Last week I was listening to a Brian Houston sermon about leadership and then again yesterday through a conversation with my pastor Scott Gaglardi (check out his blog at the theme of lifting limits came up. Brian was challenging leaders to do that for those they are raising up and P. Scott and I were dreameg about what could be and he was challenging me to hear from God and then go for it, not allowing things like money, resources, space or whatever to limit those God given dreams and visions. The basic idea is simple but so profound, how can I become someone who lifts limits for others so they can acheive more, reach more, live life more, and ultimately become all that they were created to be. As a leader and as a friend how with my word and actions can I do this? The goal is not to have one defenite answer but keeping this in mind as I interact with people. So many have limited themselves or let the words of others set boundaries that are artificially low. It’s time to blow the lid off.

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