Last Week Leftover

So here is a random shot of the amazing Canada Day Parade in Courtenay. It was one of the best parades I’ve ever seen and the number one sign that you have seen a quality parade is Shriners!

-Have great and blessed week

Courtenay Canada Parade
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2 Responses to Last Week Leftover

  1. Chris says:

    haha! Uhm… cute?? So I think you only have 25mb on WordPress so remember to use your disk space wisely! 🙂

    Sorry for not callin u back (dont even konw if u expected a call back lol). But yeah, burned the back of my thigh with some hot gooey tar and had to peel it off when it cooled… hurts like u wouldnt believe!

  2. Lisa says:

    HEY MATTHEW! Yay Shriners!! Glad you’re enjoying the Court..thats the cool way to say Courtenay by the way! Love ya, miss ya!!!

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