Here it goes…

Well like I promised I have created a blog. Well actually I think this is my third attempt but here we go again. I have just recently moved to Vancouver Island from Surrey to start a new job at a great church here in Courtenay. The idea behind starting this blog is to help me stay connected with my friends and family and to help them stay connected with me. I hope that I will find a lot of other great ways of using this blog in the days ahead as I grow into adulthood and into all that God has in store.

It’s getting late but stay tuned. Over the next few days I will be blogging about my first few days in Courtenay, my house search and transitioning to having most people call me Matt -I know there will be some strong opinions on that one. I also am going to start highlighting some of my amazing friends too (who will be first? Can you feel the anticipation)


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One Response to Here it goes…

  1. Chris says:

    Aww man, not another blog I have to read!!!!

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